GIRLBOSS: A Musical Review

*Spoiler Alert*


The new Netflix “dramedy” tells the story of Sofia Amoruso, the founder of “NastyGal.” An independent retail business that started out as an Ebay store in 2007 and has reached almost $300 million in sales since then.

Britt Robertson plays a very loud, very opinionated, very eccentric and unapologetic young woman with a passion and a dream she’s determined to achieve. There is a moment in episode nine that sums up Sophia and narrows down the message this show is trying to spread to one quote. After trying to prove to her father, her friends, and the vintage fashion industry that she is not just a girl for most of the series, Sophia realises that she is a girl, and that’s okay.  “I am a girl. And that shouldn’t be a bad thing. Girls are collaborative, empathetic, hard workers. Girls are great.” Sophia says to her potential future landlord. Girl and boss, regardless of what the media tries to tell us most of the time, are most definitely synonyms, and this story proves it.

Music Supervisor Season Kent captured the essence of Sophia and her story, translating it into songs that fit it perfectly. Hits from the late 60s and the 70s, songs from the 2000s that would have been on the radio at the time the story takes place, and a few recent tracks make up a soundtrack that takes the viewers’ experience to a different level.

The opening scene is enhanced by Suzi Quatro’s 1974 anthem “The Wild One,” a song that quite literally describes Sophia, or who she wants to be. It’s a perfect introduction to the character and it sets the tone for what’s laying ahead both musically and story-wise.

Music is canonically included in some of the most memorable moments of the show, meaning that the music the viewers hear is actually being listened to by the characters in the story.

One of the most important turning points for Sophia is when, after a whole day or roaming around San Francisco, looking for inspiration to find the perfect name for her Ebay store, she stumbles into a club in Castro and sings her lungs out to “Nasty Gal” by Betty Davis with a drag queen, the song she ended up naming her store after.

On the very last scene of episode 10 “Vintage Fashion Forum,” Sophia finds out she’s been banned from Ebay, ending her dream and destroying everything she had worked for. “I Predict a Riot” by the Kaiser Chiefs plays as Sophia stares at her laptop screen in confusion and the episode ends. The incredible timing and feel Season Kent managed to create in this ending scene put a smirk on my face I haven’t been able to shake off. It’s really just- perfect.

Lastly, we have yet another turning point in the story that wouldn’t have been as powerful as it was without music. Sophia goes looking for Shane, her boyfriend, determined to give him some love and, well- comfort sex. As she walks into the music studio Shane and his band have been recording their new album in, “I’ll Come Crashing” by A Giant Dog starts playing. Sophia walks into the recording booth and stares in shock at the sight of her boyfriend cheating on her with his band member who was on her knees, to say the least. The song keeps playing for the next couple of episodes, every time Sophia thinks about Shane and what she saw, the song comes back, haunting her,  forcing her to re-live the heartbreaking moment.

These are just some of the many musical moments that really, make the series a lot easier to become emotionally invested in and build an atmosphere that takes the viewers to a different time and place. Thank you, Season Kent, for yet again doing a wonderful job.

Below is a playlist with some of the season’s most enjoyable and memorable tunes.


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