5 Female Music Supervisors You Need to Know About

In honor of the International Women’s Day, here’s a list of five incredibly talented and inspiring music supervisors everyone should know about.

Alexandra Patsavas


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Alexandra has been responsible for some of the most iconic moments in modern television. She has been the music supervisor for TV shows like Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Supernatural and Lucifer. And movies like The Perks of Being A Wallflower, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Water for Elephants. She founded her very own music supervision company “Chop Chop Music” in in 1998 and is one of the most recognized and acclaimed professionals in the business.

Nora Felder


Nora Felder started out as a booking agent for a club in New York City, later on, assisting music producer Phil Ramone. She worked her way up and today, Nora is the president of Picture Music Company Inc. She was the music supervisor for the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, Californication and The OA. She won the Guild of Music Supervisors Award for Best Music Supervision in a Television Drama earlier in 2017.

Stephanie Diaz-Matos


Stephanie was the music supervisor for the 2016 Netflix show about the music history of the Bronx in the 70s “The Get Down,” which has one of the best soundtracks any TV show has had in quite a while. She won the Guild of Music Supervisors Award for Best Music Supervision in a Television Comedy for her work on this show. Stephanie was a music supervisor for Lost, Smash and The Affair.

Lindsay-Bea Davis


Lindsay started out volunteering for a music organization in Nova Scotia, Canada. She was an Executive Manager for the Guild of Music Supervisors and was a supervisor for TV shows like Beauty and the Beast and For Better or For Worse. She was also a music supervisor for VICE Canada, and worked on documentaries like Calling Occupants and Shroom Boom. Today, Lindsay works independently with her very own company “Open Casket Music.”

Sue Jacobs


Sue Jacobs was a vet tech in Woodstock, NY who decided to leave the small town behind and move to the big city. Jacobs has worked as a music supervisor for some of the biggest modern films like Little Miss Sunshine, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. She has perfectly worked with image and sound to create iconic moments we have all experienced through the big screen. Her love and passion for music inspires us all.


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