You Me Her – Season 1


You Me Her. A story about a suburban married couple who falls in love with a grad student in her twenties. There really is nothing  the  AT&T Original can be compared to. In fact, it’s the first comedy about a polyromantic relationship in the history of television. It’s addictive, it’s  funny, refreshing, touching, spontaneous, it will make you cry, it will make you laugh,  it will make you realize that at the end of the day, love is love, and it comes in many shapes and forms.  And,  adding to all of these wonders, it’s very, very musical. The first episode alone (episodes are 25-30 minutes long) has a total of 10 songs in it, which is more than some shows use in an entire season.

It almost feels like if this was a show about Emma and Jack, there would be no music, or we’d be stuck with Wham! constantly playing in the background. It’s like Izzy, along with a wave of change, love and confusion, brought music into the Trakarsky’s life. Music supervisor Mason Cooper incorporated a rather incredible amount of songs into each episode so naturally, and the best thing is, they all seem to fit the story. The lyrics in every song make perfect sense, they honestly could have been written by Izzy, Emma or Jack. Songs about new beginnings, about being afraid of what you love, about trouble and change.


An attempt to write down every single good musical moment from season one would turn this post into an essay, so I’ve reduced the very long list of songs to the few that I believe pin down what this story is about at heart. If you’ve watched the show, enjoy the good music and fall even more in love with these wonderful characters. If you’ve never heard of it until now, open a new tab, go on Netflix, get watching. After you binge watch it and are left wanting more of it, this music will be exactly what you need, and will make the wait for season 2 a little less painful. You can thank me later.


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