The 100 – 4×01 and 4×02


After a season that created way more shock and controversy than anyone ever expected, Jason Rothenberg’s post-apocalyptic universe is back, and ready to bring even more impending doom to the citizens of Earth. Goodbye City of Light, hello (second) end of the world.

Clarke defeated ALIE, destroyed the COL and unleashed literal hell. The 13 clans, and everyone else on the planet have six months to figure something out or radiation will straight up exterminate them. King Roan is still alive, and as the new commander, promises Clarke to respect Lexa’s (RIP Heda) alliance and protect Skaikru, in hopes that they will find a way to stop the “primefire.”

4X01 – “Echoes” – Apparently, 2016 was a very important year for music in the ‘The 100’ universe. Raven, Monty, Harper and Jasper were listening to No Matter Where We Go by Whitney, a song that was released over a hundred years before these kids were even born. So, better watch out for Whitney, if The 100 is right we’ll be listening to them for a very long time. No Matter Where We Go, a happy summer song that talks about running all night and driving around feels so strange when we know Jasper had been close to killing himself probably no more than a few hours before that. And knowing that none of them know the world’s probably going to end. If the intention was to make the audience feel uncomfortable, it was definitely a success.

*Trigger warning: Suicide Attempt*

The second song and last song from “Echoes” takes a much darker turn than the first. Deliverance by RY X, another 2016 recording, is the song Jasper chose to listen to as he was getting ready to take his own life once again. Earplugs in, he left a note for Monty on the table, sat down and pointed a gun to his head. It seemed like he was really about to do it this time, but Monty knocked on the door, just in time, unaware that he had just saved his best friend’s life. The scene definitely leaves me wondering, why did Jasper pick that specific song? Did it remind him of Maya? Was it his favorite song? Was his music player just on shuffle?

4×02 – “Heavy Lies the Crown” – Only one song made it to episode two, brought to us by Jasper, who seems to be the biggest music fan in Arkadia. After finding out that the world is very likely to end in six months, Jasper looks rather… relieved. He doesn’t have to worry about killing himself anymore, because he’s going to die soon away. Yes, again, it’s very dark, but we hear the 1979 #1 hit I Don’t Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats for the first time on this episode when Jasper is singing her lungs out in the shower, celebrating life, or rather, the fact that he doesn’t have to deal with it for much longer. We hear the song once again, this time actually playing, when Jasper is blasting it for everyone to hear from inside of one of the jeeps. Clarke hears the song from inside the ship and storms outside to face what looks like a celebration, which fills her with frustration. Everyone should be working, not drinking and relaxing, but of course, she’s still keeping it from her people and they don’t know the world is going to end. Clarke tries to talk some sense into Jasper, but he just keeps singing.

The world is going to end, political conflicts, slavery, death, there is so much happening it’s incredible to see how well the show’s music supervisor, Billy Gottlieb, manages to canonically incorporate music so wonderfully. It’s an important reminder that even though they’ve fought wars and been though hell and back, they’re all just kids, and sometimes they just want to sing to their favorite songs.


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