Grey’s Anatomy – 13×10 & 13×11


The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital opened it’s doors again with 3×10 – “You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)” for a midseason premiere that, no matter how good it might have been, left fans asking one single question: What the hell happened to Alex? Shonda is back at it again, putting us all through hell, ending episode 9 with a massive cliffhanger and not mentioning it at all on episode 10. Why does she like to watch us suffer? Regardless of the lack of answers, the episode was intense and quite emotional. Set outside of the Grey Sloan and instead, sending Bailey, Arizona and Wilson to a prison, where they had to help a sixteen year old maximum security convict give birth.

The first song from the episode, Waterski To Texas by Budo & Chris Orlowski was the soundtrack of the rather dramatic birth. Kristin, the sixteen year old convict, had to abruptly give birth with no one but the doctors to keep her company. Her mother, outside of the room, unwilling to be there for her and planning to take the child away after birth. A mainly instrumental, beautiful song that created this “it’s going to be okay” vibe around what was a pretty hard situation.

Not too long after the birth scene, 22 by Gavin James played in the background. A song about reminiscing, heartbreak and going through the hardest of times, a song that is sad on it’s own. But when you listen to it while watching a damaged, heartbroken girl saying goodbye to her child, it’s absolutely shattering.

3×11 – Jukebox Hero – was what can only be described as classic Grey’s Anatomy. Arizona, on Face Time with a pregnant woman about to give birth and a taxi driver who were headed to the hospital, and, of course, were horribly crashed into by another car right before arriving. Who has driving the other car? The woman’s husband, who could’t miss out on his firstborn’s birth. Only on Grey’s, right? Meanwhile, Webber kept ignoring Bailey’s orders and trying to sabotage every single one of Eliza’s efforts to implement her methods, Owen asked around about Amelia and Meredith tried to find out where Alex was throughout the entire episode.

Bridge by Zoe Durrant is the first song on Jukebox Hero, complementing, in a very Grey’s way, a man confessing to his wife that he’s the reason why her and their child’s lives are at risk moments before she goes into surgery. Interestingly enough, Bridge was released on February 2nd, 2017. The episode aired just one day after that. My guess is, Zoe Durrant got a pretty good synch deal before her album was even on streaming platforms.

The next song we hear on this episode is Killing Me by Luke Sital-Singh. A song about an older man singing to his deceased wife, lyrics that could send shivers down anyone’s spine. The song plays while Dr. Hunt tells Ryan, the husband who crashed into his wife’s car, that they don’t know if she’s going to wake up at all, leaving him heartbroken and in distress. Moments later, as a kind of parallel, we see Hunt asking Edwards about his own wife. Now, of course Amelia is not in a comma, but she’s gone, and Killing Me fits rather perfectly for what both men are going through.

Finally, we have our outro song, Smoke Without Fire by David Grey which, as what we could consider foreshadowing, starts playing when Arizona tells Wilson how much she truly misses Alex. Fast forward and Meredith is finally home, after a long and frustrating day filled with failed attempts to find her best friend. She storms into her room, ready to end the day and guess who she finds? Alex!! Who got back home at early hours in the morning and had been sleeping all day. Ah, relief, he’s not in prison and our suffering is finally over. Thank you, Shonda!

This is yet another brilliant job done by Chop Chop Music’s Kasey Truman and Alexandra Patsavas. Let’s just hope they don’t choose to play Chasing Cars again this season.


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